Monday, February 15, 2010

Bears, Cat & Dogs

Here are a some more cross stitches I have completed over time.  I think these ones are cute.

Cats Are Aloof

This one took a while to do. It didn't help that I started studying while doing it.

Cat In Pot

Ain't it cute

Farmer Boy

A lot of people have commented on this one when they see it.  Was a nice quick one to do for me


  1. Beautiful work Michell. You have been very busy! I haven't done any xstitch for ages. Still have a nice one waiting to be done. I am hooked on redwork at the moment. I found xstitch along with "stitcheries' very relaxing. I guess in your line of work (same as my DD), some R&R is really looked forward to! :-)
    hugs, sandy.

  2. They are lovely Michell & so cute..